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Hire us for New Electric Circuits Work in Florida

At Mr. Fussy Handyman, we offer exceptional electrical services to fit your requirements, ensuring the safe & efficient installation of new circuits. When installing a new circuit in your residential or commercial property, it's important to entrust the task to qualified professionals. Our team of highly skilled electricians possesses the ability & 37 years of experience to handle all aspects of installing new electrical circuits.


When you hire us to install new electrical circuits, you can carry out a seamless & hassle-free process. Our team will carefully evaluate your electrical requirements, considering factors such as load capacity & wiring requirements. We will work closely with you to know your particular needs & give customized solutions tailored to your project.

Electric Plug Replacement

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We strain to deliver exceptional service, completing each installation efficiently & with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We take pleasure in our attention to detail & ensure that all connections are protected & properly grounded, providing you with peace of mind & an accurate electrical system. Don't compromise on the safety & practicality of your electrical circuits.

Electric Circuit Repair

Electric Repair

Most people will experience a problem with the electrical circuits in their home or place of company. This can be anything from a circuit breaker that keeps tripping to a circuit completely out of commission. Whatever the issue, it is critical to have a qualified electrician handle it promptly and competently. Our electrical circuit repair services are perfect in situations like that.


The electrical system of your home or place of business may experience any cause our team of professionals specializes in resolving. We have the ability, power, & 37 years of expertise to analyze and effectively fix any issue, whether it involves a circuit breaker that keeps tripping or an entire malfunctioning circuit.


We take pleasure in offering particular customer service, accurate repairs, & affordable prices. So don't be nervous to call us if you're having issues with your electrical circuits. Your circuits will be fastly, safely, & correctly operational!

Circuit Breaker

To guarantee the security and effectiveness of your electrical system, Mr. Fussy Handyman specializes in offering high-quality circuit breaker installation, replacement, and breaker box services. To protect your home or place of business from potential electrical hazards.


Circuit breakers are crucial parts of your electrical infrastructure. Our team of professionals is prepared to help you with all your circuit breaker requirements. Whether you're developing a new property or remodeling an existing one.


We also offer dependable circuit breaker replacement services if your current one is malfunctioning. In installing new breaker boxes and installing and replacing circuit breakers our experts are here to help. We can help whether you need to install a new breaker box for a property expansion or upgrade your current breaker box to handle increased power demands.

circuit breaker installation

Why Our Service?

Our services are created to keep your electrical circuits operating at peak efficiency, guaranteeing your home's constant safety & security. We take pride in offering exceptional customer service and quality, and we only use the best materials & cutting-edge technology in our work. We can help whether you need a new circuit installed or your current ones repaired.


Therefore, why pick our service? Because we provide specialized electric circuit services that are efficient, dependable, and tailored to your specific needs. Let us help you maintain the health of your electrical circuits. Get in touch with us immediately to see the difference our service makes! You can select our services in these areas, Plant City FL, Hopewell FL, Hopewell Gardens FL, Turkey Creek FL, Lakeland FL, and Brandon FL.

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